March 03, 2015
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 Vendor Listings in Alphabetical Order:

Active SiliconActive Silicon
Active Silicon designs and manufactures frame grabbers and custom embedded systems. The technology is used in applications ranging from scientific research, medical imaging and security to avionics and space robotics. The PCI/104-Express and PC/104-Plus range include solutions for Camera Link & standard video (PAL/NTSC/CCIR/RS-170). Our Software Developers Kit is ideal for OEM integration with a common API across all supported operating systems including Windows, Linux, QNX and VxWorks.

ADL Embedded SolutionsADL Embedded Solutions
ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of customizable, high-performance embedded solutions for demanding thermal and rugged environments. ADL Embedded Solutions diverse portfolio of products range from SBCs based on the AMD Geode(tm) and Intel(r) Atom(r) processors through high-performance 2nd and 3rd generation Intel(r) Core(tm) processors built in PC/104 and 3.5" form factors, all of which can be delivered as part of a full system, or individual boards. Value-added services include ruggedization for high shock and vibration, extended temperature, and harsh environments, as well as CAD services including board modeling support and full enclosure design, build, and integration.

Advanced Micro PeripheralsAdvanced Micro Peripherals
AMP is a manufacturer of embedded video solutions - offering frame grabbers and the latest MPEG-4 / H.264 codecs and video overlay / annotation technologies on a wide range of embedded board form factors. The range of rugged, long-life video hardware is matched with comprehensive software to capture, display and record from multi-channel NTSC / PAL video cameras. AMP also offers a range of embedded PCs, communication controllers and power supplies to create complete (COTS) solutions for use in military / industrial grade digital video recorders (DVR), telemetry and transportation projects.

Advantech Embedded ComputingAdvantech Embedded Computing
Advantech is a global leader in the design and manufacture of rugged, reliable and flexible SBCs capable of operating at extreme temperatures with guaranteed long life support. Advantech products are based on the latest technologies, such as Intel Atom N450/D510 and Core i7/i5/i3 processors. Advantech specializes in all form factors including 3.5", 5.25" Biscuit SBCs, EPIC, EBX, PC/104 modules, Computer on Modules, Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX boards suitable for medical, in-vehicle, surveillance, POS/POI, industrial control and warehousing/logistics applications. All solutions are embedded OS ready (WinCE/XP/XPe). Advantech also offer Design-to-Order Services to minimize time-to-market and lower development cost.

EMAC offers both OEM manufacturing as well as a comprehensive line of distributed COTS products that include x86 and ARM based Single Board Computers, System on Module (SoM), Panel PCs, PC/104 modules, embedded servers, terminal boards, embedded operating systems, solid state drives, and custom carrier boards. EMAC designs, builds, and manufactures turn-key products for many of our customers, often with off-the-shelf EMAC products combined with custom components. EMAC's OEM products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Eurotech is a global company that integrates hardware, software, services and expertise to deliver embedded computing platforms and sub-systems to leading OEMs, system integrators and enterprise customers for successful and efficient deployment of their products and services. Eurotech's solutions are based on x86, Intel(r) Atom(tm), and ARM technologies and are available in a range of form factors such as PC/104, EPIC, EBX, and COM Express, as well as custom designs. Eurotech focuses on low power draw and reduced complexity during product and service development to simplify the process for our customers.

Interface Amita Solutions, Inc.Interface Amita Solutions, Inc.
Interface Amita Solutions is the sole subsidiary and global distributor for Interface Corp. in Japan. Interface Corp was established in 1978 and has been an innovative leader in the design and manufacturer of embedded computing solutions and platforms. Interface features small foot print, rugged, and extended operating temperature industrial grade PCs. Interface products are based on the Intel Atom N450/D525, Core i7/i5 processors. Interface has more than 300 different kinds of PCI Bus, Compact PCI and other interface modules. Interface also offers customized design systems.Interface guarantees long-term supply and support to our customers.

LIPPERT Embedded Computers GmbHLIPPERT Embedded Computers GmbH
LiPPERT specializes in ruggedized ultra-compact Embedded PC's. Boards are available in various formats like PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, EPIC, and Mini-ITX. Custom designd can also be done. US customers are served from our Atlanta office.

Microcomputer Systems, Inc.Microcomputer Systems, Inc.
Since 1976 Microcomputer Systems has designed and built a wide range of embedded systems and components for automotive, aviation, petrochemical, robotic and power industries. We support PC/104, STD, ISA busses, and offer a wide range of analog and digital cards, processors, power supplies and more. We specialize in custom designs to meet your exact specifications.

Micro TechnicMicro Technic
Micronix PC/104 represents a comprehensive line of digital and analogue I/O boards, power supply and communication modules. All designed for industrial control systems and for mobile applications. NEW: Online ordering system using all major credit cards and quotation facilites in our webshop.

Parvus CorporationParvus Corporation
An industry leader in rugged PC/104 and PC/104-Plus single board computers, power supplies, I/O & datacom modules, enclosures, and systems integration.

RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc.RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc.
PC/PCI-104 CPU and data acquisition modules and systems with advanced digital I/O, Intel Pentium M, Intel Celeron and AMD Geode processors. Smart dataModules feature auto-cal, TI DSP's and hi-speed A/D - D/A converters. Peripherals include video, frame grabbers, mass storage and power supplies, wireless com and GSM/GPRS/GPS. Enclosed off-the-shelf and customized systems for demanding applications. Comprehensive drivers and example programs for Windows, Linux, DOS and RTOSes.

Teka Interconnection SystemsTeka Interconnection Systems
Exclusive manufacturer of PC/104 and PC/104-Plus self-soldering connectors.

Tri-M Systems/Engineering Inc.Tri-M Systems/Engineering Inc.
Designer, manufacturer and distributor of hardware solutions for embedded systems. Single board computers, power supplies, flash memory, data acquisition, enclosures, LCD displays, pointing devices, GPS and wireless devices for the OEM and engineering community.

Founded in 1982, WinSystems specializes in designing and manufacturing embedded computers and is recognized as a leading supplier of PC/104 products. The company has gained an excellent customer-oriented reputation for innovative design, engineering skills, and outstanding technical support.

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